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General Information

“We do not go into these green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home, in towns and cities, in shops, offices and banks.
-Nessmuk Woodcraft 1884

Arctic Grayling Guide Service has been offering quality fishing trips since 1984. We access a wilderness area with several clear water streams located approximately 60 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska. This area offers some of the best fishing in interior Alaska and is convenient to both Fairbanks and Denali National Park visitors. Using jet boats allows us to reach great fishing locations that can’t otherwise be reached for Arctic Grayling and three species of Pacific salmon; King/Chinook salmon, Silver/Coho salmon and Chum salmon. Utilizing a jet boat changes the dynamics of a fishing trip dramatically and translates to more fishing opportunities, with little to no other angling pressure.

You will be fishing classic pocket water, with a nice balance of riffles and pools, followed by more riffles and pools, for miles and miles…
Grayling are distributed throughout this wonderful spring fed stream. The streams in this area are full of surface and sub-surface insects, which grayling will feed on all season long.

These spring-fed creeks are excellent habitat for grayling and salmon. The main creek is approximately 14 miles long and contains a healthy population of naturally occurring Arctic Grayling and King, Silver and Chum salmon. Fly and spin fishing are both productive. If you or your party are not familiar with fly fishing, we supply all the required gear and will provide instruction that will have you fly fishing in short order.

Our award winning guide service has been featured in several national publications (Sports Afield, Outdoor Life) and cable TV fishing programs shown on ESPN, PBS and The Outdoor Channel. We look forward to serving you this coming season.

Please see our links page for information on where to stay in Fairbanks, frequently asked questions, airlines serving Fairbanks and weather information.

Interior Alaska

The Alaska interior covers most of the state’s territory. It is largely undeveloped wilderness. Mountains include Mount McKinley in the Alaska Range, the tallest peak in North America at 20,322 feet. On a clear day, Mt. McKinley can be seen from the fishing area.

Summers can be warm and dry for extended periods creating ideal fire weather conditions. Weak thunderstorms can produce dry lightning, sparking wildfires that are mostly left to burn themselves out as they are often far from populated areas.

The average annual precipitation in Fairbanks is 11.3 inches. Most of this comes in the form of snow during the winter. Most storms in the interior of Alaska originate in the Gulf of Alaska, south of the state, though these storms often have limited precipitation due to a rain shadow effect caused by the Alaska Range. The normally pleasant summer days may occasionally be interrupted by rain showers.

Fairbanks receives an average 21 hours of daylight between May 10 and August 2 each summer. During our long, interior Alaskan summer days, you have plenty of time to fish during the day with us and enjoy a leisurely evening on one of the many restaurants in Fairbanks that feature outdoor dining decks.

Due to the free flowing, clear water systems that flow into the large glacial fed rivers, Alaska’s vast interior is home to some of the best grayling fishing to be found anywhere. It is not an overstatement to say that this is grayling utopia. We have had the honor and pleasure to assist many, many people in checking Arctic Grayling off of their bucket-list.

When you spend a day with us, you will leave with a deep sense that you have experienced the true wilderness that is interior Alaska.

You may purchase your sport fishing license and king salmon stamps on line. Go to ADF&G. We are also a license vendor. You may purchase your license from us before the start of your trip.

Please Note: All prices, dates, times, places, trips, transportation and travel are subject to immediate change and/or cancellation without any prior notice. Adventuring, including fishing, is potentially dangerous. Participation is at your own risk. There is danger in everything you do and every place you go. No one can guarantee your safety. You are responsible for yourself, your dependents, your actions and your decisions. All travelers should have trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance.


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