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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the best time of year to fish in your area?
A: It depends on what species of fish you are after and whether you prefer spring, summer or fall seasons. June is a good time for Grayling. July is productive for Grayling and King salmon. August offers Grayling with the chance for Chum salmon. September and early October is the season for Grayling and Silver salmon. The Silver salmon run in September is the largest salmon run of the year. See seasons.
Q: Will you pick us up in Fairbanks?
A: Yes.
Q: Will you pick us up at the airport in Fairbanks?
A: There are two ways to do this - One is to take an airport or hotel shuttle to where you will be staying in Fairbanks. We can then pick you up from there. The other method is to arrange in advance to have us pick you up at the airport and start your trip at that point.
Q: We notice that you offer trips in both the Fairbanks and Nenana areas. Can we meet you in Nenana (between Fairbanks and Denali Park on the Parks highway) on our way to or from Denali National Park/Fairbanks, or if we are driving up from Anchorage?
A: Yes, we can pick you up in Fairbanks or meet you in Nenana, which ever is more convenient for you. Our boat launch point is in the town of Nenana, 50 miles south of Fairbanks.
Q: Do you furnish fishing gear?
A: Yes, included in your trip cost is all of your required fishing gear; fishing rods and reels, tackle box and hip waders. For your convenience we sell fishing licenses and king salmon stamps.
Q: What are the current limits on the fish in your area?
A: Grayling is catch and release. King salmon: catch and release only. Silver and Chum salmon: three per person, three total possession limit, but we request that you release all females. Current Alaska Fishing Regulations can be found here. Click on the Tanana area.
Q: If we decide to keep our fish, how do we get them home?
A: We will clean and package your catch in ziplock bags, however, we DO NOT freeze or ship fish. Interior Alaska Fish Processors of Fairbanks offers vacuum packing, freezing and shipping. They also can smoke, vacuum pack and ship your fish. Currently, their minimum to process is 10 lb. CAUTION: Prices for this service are very expensive. Please check processors prices before you decide to keep your catch. (Example- 12-15 lbs. of salmon is approximately $135 to ship from Fairbanks to the mid-west.) These are not our prices, that is what it costs to ship frozen fish. If you are flying out the next day the alternative is to freeze your fish at your hotel in Fairbanks. Then package it in a cooler with blue ice and check it in as baggage on your flight home. Our experience is that if you get home within two days while it is frozen, your fish will be fine. Alaska Airlines recommendation for transporting your fish as checked baggage is available at this link. Please reference Catch and Release.
Q: Should we be concerned about bears?
A: We have been offering fishing trips in Alaska's interior since 1984. We have never had an incident where someone was attacked by a bear. Bears are rarely seen. If they are, they typically are skittish around people. Pepper spray or bear repellent is available in Fairbanks at most sporting goods stores. Click here for more information on bears.
Q: Are the bugs bad?
A: Occasionally, the bugs can be bothersome. Most people comment that the bugs were not the problem that they had anticipated.
Q: What is an arctic grayling?
A: Arctic Grayling are found only in northern latitude clear water systems that are clean and pollution free. They are the primary sport fish in Alaska's vast interior region. The arctic grayling is in the salmonoid family and is a distant relative of the trout. Click here for information on arctic grayling.
Q: When should we make our reservations?
A: We book our trips on a first come first serve basis. Please E-mail or call us to check if the dates you are interested in are available. A $100 deposit will hold your reservation. You will receive a written confirmation of your trip details. As the number of openings each year are limited, please check availaibility prior to confirming your Alaska travel itinerary.
Q: Do you supply lunches on your trips?
A: On our guided day trips, lunch is provided. Additionally, we will have a cooler with refreshments, water and pre-packaged snacks.
Q: Who will be our guide on our fishing trip?
A: Reed will be your guide on all fishing trips. Occasionally, Reed's wife Laura, may join your group to assist as a second guide.
Q: Will we be the only ones on the trip?
A: We reserve the right to combine groups for guided day trips. If you require a private charter, this may be arranged by email or call us for a quote.
Q: What is the benefit to your use of a jet boat for your trips?

Using jet boats allows us to access streams, creeks and small tributaries that are all but impossible to reach any other way. Accessing this hard to reach area demands a high level of technical jet boat maneuvering skills. Reed is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain and has over 30 years of jet boating experience in this area.

The clear water systems we fish can be reached only by jet boat. It is the only way to access this area in the complete absence of roads, or landing strips.


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